How do Tips help law enforcement? The use of information, whether from concerned citizens or paid informant, has played a vital role in the success of police work since the earliest times. Sometimes the Tip helps to confirm information already known to law enforcement officials, and other times it is brand new or unknown information that helps to solve a crime or raise awareness that a crime has occurred.
How long has Crime Stoppers existed? Marinette County Crime Stoppers officially started July 25, 1991 and originally began as a county-wide program for all of Marinette County, WI. In 2013, Menominee County, MI also joined us as members of Crime Stoppers, and we now serve this 2-county area.

Is Crime Stoppers run by the police? No, not at all. Behind the scenes of Crime Stoppers is a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors consisting of ordinary citizens from Marinette and Menominee Counties. While we are led and operated by our citizen/volunteer Board of Directors, we work closely & cooperatively with local law enforcement officials, and several area law enforcement officers serve as “Advisors” to our Board.

Why do you do fundraising, don’t the criminals pay fines? Due to Wisconsin Supreme Court rulings, Crime Stoppers no longer receives monies from restitution or the court system. Because of this, we are in need of donations to assist in helping pay informants for tips that lead to arrests in Marinette & Menominee counties, and to keep our technology current with software that allows for anonymous Tips to be submitted via text, the internet, or telephone.

Do you help law enforcement beyond just soliciting Tips about crimes? YES! One of the additional ways we help law enforcement is through providing for some of their unmet technological needs. For example, through a grant from the Green Bay Packers Foundation, we were able to purchase new computer tablets for Marinette and Menominee drug officers to enhance their technological capabilities and provide for greater integration and additional information sharing between multiple jurisdictions. A grant from the M&M Area Community Foundation was used towards the purchase of a camera for the Marinette Police Department Drug Officer. Our status as an independent not-for-profit entity allows us to apply for such grants and assist law enforcement with tools to help them be even-more effective at solving & preventing crime!

How can I know that my Tip is actually going to remain anonymous? We are glad you asked! Our technology allows for your Tip to be routed to Texas, then to Canada, then to a local law enforcement officer – all within moments of your call/text/internet tip submission. In this process, your Tip is assigned a number, thus protecting you as the originating source. The receiving law enforcement officer only has this assigned number as his/her reference, never your name, phone number, or e-mail address. If needed, the law enforcement officer is able to have a two-way dialogue with you (the tipster) by sending a message back through the anonymous processing technology – for example, to obtain clearer and more accurate information, & ultimately to inform you of any Reward you may have earned via your Tip.

What is the Quick 50 Program? All schools in Marinette and Menominee Counties now have a Quick 50 Program. Officers present Crime Stopper information (typically to middle school or high school students) and distribute business cards explaining how students can receive a $50 reward for information about drugs/alcohol/weapons on school grounds. After the presentations many tips have been received, resulting in safer schools!

How can I get involved? We are glad you asked! Here are several potential ways:
1) Make a tax-deductible donation to support our mission!
2) Be an alert member of the community & submit Tips when you have awareness of
information that can help solve crimes!
3) If you are really committed to our mission and feel you’d be a good volunteer citizen
to serve on our Board of Directors, indicate your interest to: Crime Stoppers, PO Box 561, Marinette, WI 54143.


Together, we can take a bite out of crime!